Personal Shopping and Styling

Did you know Klover offers Personal Shopping and Styling Appointments?

Need a closet revamp? Shopping for a special event or trip? Let Kristina, the owner of Klover, do the work for you! You select the date of your appointment! Prior to the appointment, Kristina will contact you to learn more about what you're looking for! We will have you fill out a Personal Style File Information sheet, that we will keep in our records for future appointments too! You tell us your sizes, favorite (and-not-so-favorite) colors, and Kristina will do the rest! 

A little about Kristina....

Kristina is the owner and operator of Klover! She has a degree in fashion marketing and merchandising, and has always had a passion for fashion! She studies fashion trends and stays up to date on the latest styles. She has also spent an extensive amount of time studying the art of styling a person based on their body type. She works hard to keep a variety of designs and styles in Klover to fit all different body types. Every woman is different, and she believes that is what makes us all beautiful. She has worked hard to learn the art of accentuating a woman's body type in the most flattering way. 

What can you expect from an appointment?

The appointment will be 1-2 hours. When you arrive, Kristina will have several different outfits ready for you to try on. Together, you will choose the best options for you. whether it be for a specific occasion, or just to refresh your wardrobe! Kristina will work with you to find outfits that compliment your features, and make you feel great, inside and out!

Is there a fee? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, you will also receive a 15% discount off any items purchased during your appointment!

So what are you waiting for?! Schedule your personal styling appointment today!!